Proper care with transportation

The biggest problem when transporting an electric motor is in precision components such as bearings that will be subject to vibrations during transportation and can be severely damaged and rendered useless. Movements under cyclic vibrations occur in the contact areas between the rolling elements and the bearing tracks and will depend on the intensity of the vibrations, the lubrication condition and the load, a combination of corrosion and wear will occur, forming depressions in the bearing In the electric motor transport this can be caused when the shaft is transported loose and can move freely.

Much is cautioned for the proper transport of electric motors, but some professionals say that the electric motor is prepared for heavy work and in a hostile environment and therefore there would be no need for special care during transportation. Others say that shipping should be very careful as we are dealing with precision components. In most cases the transport of electric motors does not need to be extremely sophisticated, with special packaging and materials, but also can not be transported in any way, can not be thrown or be carried loose in the means of transport.

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